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5 Things To Look For In A WordPress Membership Script Or Shopping Cart

Tweet I’m in the process of reviewing several wordpress membership and shopping cart plugins and there have been some very obvious points that I think are worth discussing when you are in the process of purchasing one of these plugins. 1. When was it last updated? Because WordPress is so popular it is also a […]

Membership Sites – Like A Mailing List On Steroids

In an earlier article I talked about some reasons why Wordpress is such a great membership site platform. In retrospect I was probably putting the cart before the horse as I didn’t talk about why a membership site might be better than some more traditional methods of marketing such as a mailing list.

Marketing, in my opinion, is partly about messing with people’s heads. If you have ever studied marketing you will know about the major role that emotion plays in buying decisions. So, whilst it is messing with people’s heads, it can be done for the right reasons. I remember struggling with the whole concept of playing on emotions for some years. For a while I believed that any sales pitch that wasn’t 100% fact was deceptive and wrong. Then I read a case study by Paul Myers which used fear as a motivator.